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— October 26, 2020
This blog is part of our mission to double the "Startup Success Rate"

If you are reading this, it most certainly means that you are interested in launching your startup or you already have made the first step to get your project off the ground.

Like the 300 entrepreneurs we meet every year, you are also probably looking for "the right way" to build a thriving business. At Make it, we’re actually obsessed with that very topic. In fact, that’s what we have been working on for the past 6 years.

This is where our new blog comes in 👇

Doubling the "Startup Success Rate"

First, here’s an explanation of the reason why we do this: 99% of startups fail!

But let’s dream for a minute. Imagine what could happen if that number was decreased by only a tiny percent. It could have a huge impact on our society and our everyday lives. This dream became our mission at Make it 💪

As usual, instead of daydreaming about it, we have decided to act upon it. And this blog is part of the plan.

We experiment, we break down the results, we share the outcome with you

Make it was founded to play with great startup ideas and turn them into companies. We also provide the human and financial capital required to bring them to the market. By creating our own tech startups from the ground up and by testing, developing, funding and accelerating 300+ external projects, we have acquired a huge amount of experience in turning ideas into growing businesses.

Does it mean we never fail? Nope. It only means that we have uncovered ways of considerably reducing risk. In other words, we have develop the right methods and techniques to succeed or else, fail fast and cheap.

We usually share these methods by giving many conferences, workshops or as guest teachers at universities. But now that we are a global company - mainly active in Belgium and the US - we decided to invest in a more scalable way to share this knowledge.

Three main categories

  • How to lean startup: We’ll show you how successful startups found smart ways to go from 0 to 1 while investing almost no money in the project. We'll also analyze how they acquired their first customers and how they got to their first fundraising. The goal of this category is not only to inspire you with stories, but most importantly, give you tips and tricks that will help you overcome challenges in a smart way.
  • Great Make it updates: In this category, we'll post the latest news about Make it and its portfolio startups. Especially useful for those who want to know more about us.
  • The life of a startup studio: This is our « behind the scenes », our MTV Cribs, this is the fun part. We’ll show you how we live, how we do things and who are the people operating the Make it Machine.

As you can see, there will be no theory. We will expose you real-life startup study cases, we’ll share our tools and uncover proven tactics that make a substantial difference ☄️

To recap, dreaming of a successful startup is neither unreasonable nor foolish... assuming that you discern the right approaches and apply them to your project. But don’t worry, subscribe to this blog and we’ll show you how to stop thinking and start doing, for good. 

Ultimately, we’ll show you that there are people ready to invest in your project provided that you focus on the right things and that you have validated the right assumptions.

Dream and do ✌️


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