About Make it

We build startups

Many times, our family and friends wonder what we actually do “building startups” all day long. Whether you are one of our Maker's moms or if you just want to know more about the why and how of Make it, you're on the right page.

Our vision

Make it’s vision is to have an impact on our society by building as many valuable startups all over the world thanks to The Machine”.

In this vision statement, every single word matters:


This is our “why”. Why we wake up every morning.


Needs to solve problems in a profitable way.


Innovative and repeatable business models.


Should aim to improve lives.


Mom, if you've read this, you understand why we have so much fun at work: Every second spent "creating startups" is a second spent using our skills to have a positive impact on the world

Our Story

Make it was created by 3 IT engineers - Alexis, Nicolas and Sanawar - freshly graduated from a prestigious Brussels-based university who had the opportunity to go to New York to work in a mobile apps development company.

After developing dozens of apps and soaking up inspiration from NYC’s startup ecosystem, they returned to Belgium and bootstrapped their own software development agency.

Our Business Model

Working with hundreds of clients making countless products wasn't challenging enough for them. They realized they wanted to leverage everything they’d learned to create startups from scratch. Rather than using their agency revenue to buy nice cars, they decided to grow the team and focus on building their own startups. A startup studio was born.

We are now evolving to add capital to the resources we can provide to founders. With dedicated venture funds in Belgium and the US, Make it is now investing in idea-stage companies that we believe can grow and change the world.

Main lessons learned by creating 8 startups and working with 300+ clients

Automate only what you have previously done manually.


Significant growth

Between 2016 and 2018, we created 4 startups and grew our studio to 15 full-time employees including designers, developers, and marketers. We formalized our product development process, investment thesis, and market validation framework. It was time to industrialize and scale our business model.

That's when Alexis, Make it's co-founder, flew to Los Angeles, California, to set up a new Make it branch. His goal: to attract even more ambitious projects in which Make it could get involved and build a gateway to a new market for our portfolio startups. In less than 2 years, we co-founded 4 startups there.

Our mission

Now that you know our past, here's what's in store for the future :

While around 99% of start-ups fail, the remaining 1% accounts for almost 50% of new job creation. Now imagine if Make it could increase that figure by only a tiny percent. Can you imagine the huge impact it could have?

We are investing in pre-product, pre-revenue tech startups and stepping up as the perfect co-founder. We are opening up the path to entrepreneurial success to many more founders, regardless of who they know or how much money they have. With a diverse portfolio of incredible companies growing across the globe, we will leverage entrepreneurship to improve society for everyone.

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Sanawar Syed

CEO, Co-founder and Software Engineer