Partnerships with real impact

Make it’s vision is to have a positive impact on our society by building as many valuable startups as possible all over the world. To make this happen, we collaborate with investors and incubators ready to roll up their sleeves to have an impact on the ecosystem and create valuable startups.


Investors and Funds

To reach our vision, our strategy is to create local investment funds. What makes them so special? They are dedicated to funding idea-stage tech startups and support the most promising ones up to Series A.

This allows extremely promising entrepreneurs to bring their project to life regardless their access to technical and financial resources. From an investors point of view, it creates a new deal flow of high quality tech startups. 

By investing smaller tickets, earlier and in a portfolio of startups we allow our partners to achieve a significantly higher ROI. Of course, investing as early as the idea stage is only possible with a partner like Make it who ensures world-class execution of these projects.


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Incubators and accelerators

At Make it, we created an investment fund dedicated to idea-stage tech startups: Make it Capital I.

We partner with driven founders by providing capital and resources to go from idea to revenue in 4 months. Our Belgium-based team provides world-class support across all areas required to start startups, including development, design, marketing, and growth.

This unique solution is often a perfect add-on to the support that incubators and accelerators provide to startups to make them investors ready.