startup as a service

We turn your idea into
a business that you own


Make it gives the opportunity to CEOs, Executives, Business Angels
and Corporations to outsource their startup projects to Professional Startup Builders.


Brilliant idea, huge opportunity cost

As an industry expert, you have brilliant startup ideas. However, your time is precious and your responsibilities are high. You can't just drop everything to make your startup dream come true.

We know your opportunity cost is huge, but you don’t have to live with regrets. We have created “Startup as a Service” : a whole team of professional venture builders dedicated to testing, developing and growing your startup.


How “Startup as a Service”  works

Investing in startups is extremely exciting (and we can give you access to a highly valuable deal flow if you are interested!)

But with "Startup as a Service", we are taking startup investment to another level by giving you the unique opportunity to invest in your own startup.

In this collaboration, you'll provide the idea, take on the role of “investor” and decide on your level of involvement in the operations of the startup.

We’ll integrate your project within the startup studio just like it was ours. And, we’ll take care of everything to turn your idea into a valuable business.

It's basically like buying your own Formula 1 racing team: you define the vision and we bring in the best engineers, team, car and driver.

What we will do

We'll validate the market opportunity
We'll create the product
We'll recruit the ideal CEO

It is also possible to invest in an idea suggested by Make it if you want to own a startup but do not have any specific project in mind.

Risks & benefits

To minimize your risk and maximize your return,
we'll work in 2 phases.


Market Validation

The first step is to validate that a market exists. The best way to do this is to quickly release a first version of the product into the market and acquire your first customers.

It usually takes us 4 months to turn an idea into a revenue-generating startup. (Yes, you read that right! Only 4 months.) And this can be achieved with an initial investment starting from 15000€*, which basically represents your maximum risk.

*Depending on the type of project and your level of involvement in the operations.


Scale or Fail

The project doesn’t generate the expected market traction? No big deal! An idea may be perfect on paper, but the market decides whether it has a future or not.

After this first step, we either observe that there is no real market for the project - and you'll be happy because we'll "fail" fast and cheap - or we get tangible results that will allow us to raise the funds needed to grow the startup.

We Are Professional Startup Builders

At Make it, we use our strategic and execution capabilities to create and grow tech startups on a daily basis.


Startup Studio founded in 2014, active in Belgium and California


Our Unfair Advantage

✨ We are masters in the art of de-risking ideas. For most entrepreneurs, launching a startup boils down to conducting a few interviews and focusing on product development. The result? Very few survive.
As a "Startup Machine", our main focus is to de-risk the project before investing significant amounts of time and capital in developing the solution.

1. We generate traction as a mean to validate the riskiest assumptions

2. We make sure to build the right solution for the right people

3. We help you find the right parents for your baby


Step #01 - We generate traction as a mean to validate the riskiest assumptions

Is it a pain worth solving? Is someone going to pay for my solution? Who? How much? What’s the cost of customer acquisition?

We have developed a 6th sense allowing us to extract these assumptions and (in)validate them. Not by brainstorming or conducting a market research but by putting a first version of the solution in the market, generating traction, analyzing how the market behaves, measuring the results and iterating..


Learn more about the
Make it way of de-risking ideas”

You're only 4 months away from owning a revenue-generating startup

Let's have an e-glass of your favorite drink and discuss about the great opportunity you have identified.

Hugues, business angel, launched his startup with us

Hugues Flament

I had this idea to build an app to help people with epilepsy. Make it created a prototype over the weekend that was very quickly tested by different stakeholders (patients, neurologists...). Make it's methodology and technical skills allowed us to iterate very quickly at low cost and to pivot immediately …



Meet Our Startups

2 new startups will be announced soon

We are industry-agnostic because we believe that our execution capability is what matters most when it comes to turning an idea into a revenue-generating business. We then set up an A-team with the right expertise to drive the project up to full speed.